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The Corner Protector that doesn’t

Move with Your Vacuum Hoses!


     My name is Christian, and I’ve owned my carpet cleaning business for nearly 15 years.  After battling with vacuum hoses on the job with constantly moving traditional corner guards, I knew there had to be a better way to make them stay in place!

   I began designing and testing different prototypes and finally came up with a corner guard that works!   We call them Cornerhuggers!  You will love them! They will not move when you pull your hoses around the corners!  This saves a lot of time and grief when you’re trying to be efficient -yet careful.

   The homeowners love them too, and often express their appreciation for the extra step that you take to protect the wall corners in their home.

   I designed the Cornerhuggers to hold up under the rigors of the job, and made them a little taller for added protection than the traditional guards already out there.

  I’m sure once you try them, you’ll be pleased. 

  As one of my carpet cleaning buddies said,

                   “This is a no brainer!” 


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