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The Corner Protector that doesn’t



These corner huggers are second to none!   Just so everyone knows - I'm going on 27 years of business.   They are great for protecting corners & doors…bright in color and have had customers comment on how professional they look. They are #1 in the business!!!! 

Mike, Chem-Dry of Macon County, Illinois

Excellent product.!  Highly recommended for the price!

Zane, Dwight's Carpet Care and more, Colorado

I love the Corner hugger!  It is better than anything else on the market! All the other ones I have tried do not stick to the wall, and fall out of place, and just flat out don’t work!  But these ones are great!!! No More wasting time putting the old huggers back up.  

Seth, I Clean Carpet and So Much More LLC, Pennsylvania

We have been looking for a product like this for years, the magnets are genius!      USA CARPET will be buying more of these, we just added another truck. The Cornerhuggers work fantastic, they are sturdy and stay in place, thank you for this exceptional product.  

Mark, USA Carpet Care, Arizona

Very pleased at how they work!  I have purchased other cornerguards but none of them can compare.  Get yours today. 

Cornerhuggers have proven to be an outstanding product for us.!  We service a lot of high end rental properties and are the last vendor to perform our service. If we damage the corners with our hoses it can delay the next tenant from moving in. Further, we have to absorb the cost of repairing the damage. Cornerhuggers with its ingenious magnetic design has resulted in less time constantly adjusting the standard non-magnetic guard. We Know longer have to worry about damaging corners. Thank you Cornerhugger.

John, Costal Bend Chem-Day,Texas

 I've been in the industry for 8 years and have used other corner protectors, which have all been vastly inferior compared to Cornerhuggers. If you are upstairs or around the corner and a standard corner hugger falls off the corner (which doesn't happen with Cornerhuggers) you are looking at dealing with an angry customer due to causing drywall & paint damage. Your Cornerhuggers will pay for themselfs many times over  the first time they prevent you from damaging customers corners when pulling rough vac hoses through their homes and across an unprotected corner either because you don't have a corner protector or your ordinary corner protectors fell off."    

Jim, Go Green Dry Carpet Cleaning, Colorado

The magnetic corner huggers are surprisingly rugged.  I don’t have much room in my truck mount so they get put in any available space and I noticed that when I get them out to use them they still look brand new. Highly recommended  

Daniel, Simply Green Carpet Clean, Texas

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